Holoride Unveils Retrofit, an Innovative In-Car VR Device, for All Kinds of Vehicles

Holoride | January 05, 2023 | Read time : 02:19 min

Holoride Unveils Retrofit, an Innovative

Holoride, a pioneer in augmented reality in-car entertainment, has announced the launch of Holoride Retrofit. This compact device provides the company's unique platform for any vehicle. The company launched this smart-speaker-sized device to turn any car into a holoride-enabled vehicle. Holoride's redesign marks a new chapter in the company's history. Any vehicle can be a portal to a customizable virtual holoride experience, where each journey is a blueprint for the next adventure.

With the release of this device, which is about the size of a smart speaker, the Munich-based company is starting a new chapter as it works toward its primary goal of transforming every car into a holoride-ready vehicle.

Using the same technology as Audi's 2023 holoride-enabled vehicles, the retrofit system connects to VR headsets via Bluetooth. It provides motion and location data that the holoride software needs to bring its signature 'Elastic

Content'. This library adjusts in real time to vehicle movement, reducing motion sickness.

The latest version combines diverse experiences across a wide range of holoride content library, including titles like Cloudbreakers: Superconductor by Russo Brothers, Leaving Haven, an action game by Schell Games and educational apps like Einstein Brain Trainer and several editions of the Bookful series. The platform offers a web browser and powerful Android screen mirroring features enhanced by holoride's unique reactive technology.

Holoride's Elastic Content SDK powers the Motorverse and processes real-time data to shape in-headset experiences. By embracing Web3 capabilities, the company envisions the next-generation internet as a physical-digital hybrid.

Compact and lightweight, the retrofit mounts to a windscreen with the help of an included suction cup. Its lithium-ion battery lasts for 14 hours in a single charge, and the USB-C to USB-A adapter allows riders to keep devices connected while moving. Up to two headsets at once can be connected to the holoride retrofit, allowing two passengers to enjoy holoride.

The $799 refit pack is available at This includes a holoride retrofit, an HTC VIVE Flow headset, a one-year holoride subscription, and a safety strap. The device is also available in a standalone format for $199.

About Holoride

Based in Munich, Germany, Holoride is a developer of in-car VR systems that mix virtual reality with real-time data from moving cars to create a new media paradigm. Physical indications like acceleration, steering, traffic info, routes, and time combine to minimize motion sickness for VR riders. The experiential potential of holoride's "Motorverse" is amplified by the RIDE token, which was designed to supercharge the social content ecosystem by providing a more personalized and user-authored experience.


At Samsung's Unpacked, Samsung and Google are partnering on new tech innovations for AR/VR technology. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension.


At Samsung's Unpacked, Samsung and Google are partnering on new tech innovations for AR/VR technology. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension.

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