Omdia: Majority of games IP movie and series adaptations are animation

prnewswire | June 08, 2023 | Read time : 02:03 min


New research from Omdia reveals the majority of movies and series adaptations originating from games IP are animation. Japan has maximized opportunities from cross-media IP for decades, with Pokémon being the highest-profile global success. Three quarters (72%) of video-game adaptations since 1982 were from animation, with 65% of these adaptations coming from Japanese anime series.

"Many successful Japanese IP tend to be envisioned as cross-media from the beginning", commented James McWhirter, Senior Analyst at Omdia. "Investors on anime production committees reveal this multimedia breadth, where record labels, games publishers and TV broadcasters come together to fund new series. This reveals the interdependence between an anime's success and each funder's own form of media within the same IP".

The fruits of this multimedia-first approach are clear. 2021's bestselling anime series from Cygames' Uma Musume IP helped drive earnings of accompanying mobile game Uma Musume: Pretty Derby to over $1.2bn in net revenue across 11 million players*. It was accompanied by the release of over 30 drama and music CDs, and multiple manga series.

While anime in cinemas has been a slow burn driven by a handful of titles over many years in North America, things are changing. Box office takings climbed in 2022, with five major titles already slated for release in 2023. Larger anime titles used to receive a limited theatrical release. However, the release strategy is changing as popularity increases. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train saw a record box office performance for anime in North America, followed up by hits such as Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

David Hancock, Chief Analyst, in Omdia's media and entertainment practice notes "Global streaming services have changed the risk profile for anime, opening it to new audiences. Niche streamer Crunchyroll is also expanding its subscriber base after being acquired by Sony in 2021. With 10 million subscribers, the platform offers access to more than 40,000 episodes and has become the driving force behind an anime upsurge in the US. Anime is also fundamental to Netflix's competitive positioning against other streamers".


Omdia, part of Informa Tech, is a technology research and advisory group. Our deep knowledge of tech markets combined with our actionable insights empower organizations to make smart growth decisions.


Introducing our latest video showcasing the seamless synergy of ChatGPT and ARLOOPA Studio, your ticket to unlocking a world of limitless imagination and innovation.


Introducing our latest video showcasing the seamless synergy of ChatGPT and ARLOOPA Studio, your ticket to unlocking a world of limitless imagination and innovation.

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Pickleball Kingdom and PlaySight Announce Exclusive Partnership to Revolutionize the Sport of Pickleball

prnewswire | August 29, 2023

Pickleball Kingdom Franchising, a dynamic player in the burgeoning world of pickleball entertainment and franchising, and PlaySight, a global leader in automated sports video technology, proudly announce an exclusive partnership set to redefine the way Pickleball enthusiasts experience and engage with the game. With the unveiling of this groundbreaking collaboration, Pickleball Kingdom and PlaySight aim to elevate the pickleball experience, bringing a fusion of innovative technology and compelling entertainment to athletes across the nation. Pickleball Kingdom Franchising, known for its pioneering approach in the pickleball industry, is slated to launch a series of exclusive pickleball centers in prime locations, each equipped with state-of-the-art PlaySight technology. These locations, strategically chosen for their vibrant pickleball communities, are being launched in Arizona, Texas, and Milwaukee, with many other locations to follow. The partnership's cornerstone lies in the integration of PlaySight's cutting-edge SmartCourts into Pickleball Kingdom's state-of-the-art facilities. PlaySight's technology, renowned across various sports, enables athletes to gain real-time insights into their performance. With features like instant video replay, automated highlights through AI, and interactive coaching tools, players at all levels can refine their skills and celebrate their achievements like never before. Pickleball Kingdom CEO and founder Ace Rodrigues shared his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with PlaySight to bring an unparalleled pickleball experience to our clubs. This collaboration epitomizes our vision of marrying technology with the pickleball experience, forging a new era in the sports landscape." PlaySight's CEO Chen Shachar highlighted the shared passion for innovation. "At PlaySight, we've always believed in the power of technology to transform sports. Partnering with a premier brand such as Pickleball Kingdom allows us to continue pushing boundaries and enhancing the player and member experience." As reported by Franchise Times, Pickleball Kingdom is poised to become the "Amazon of the popular sport," offering a comprehensive franchise model that encompasses entertainment, education, and community engagement. The partnership with PlaySight adds another layer of excitement to the franchise's offerings, making Pickleball Kingdom a major player in the ever-evolving landscape of sports and entertainment. In addition to the PlaySight partnership, Pickleball Kingdom Franchising is forging new territory by announcing the launch of its reality show, "Pickleball Paddle Battle." Hosted by former Bachelor star Clayton Echard, the show promises to bring the thrilling world of pickleball to television screens this fall. "Pickleball Paddle Battle" will showcase top-tier pickleball talent competing in captivating matches while also highlighting the unique culture and camaraderie of the sport. About PlaySight PlaySight has emerged as a leader in the sports technology marketplace, bringing the most advanced and elite capabilities to all levels of sport, all over the world: automated production and live streaming, video replay (VAR), pro level coaching tools, and a live and on demand sports OTT channel – the PlaySight Sports Network (PSSN). PlaySight SmartCourt AI technology powers athletes, coaches, teams and leagues all over the world with its connected camera platform. Its technology is currently used by several major Pickleball organizations around the world, the NBA, MLB, NHL, USTA and in a variety of sports, including tennis, pickleball, Padel, basketball, baseball, hockey and others. More information is available at About Pickleball Kingdom Franchising Pickleball Kingdom Franchising is a pioneering force in the pickleball industry, blending entertainment, community, and education to create an unparalleled experience for players and fans alike. With an ambitious franchise model, Pickleball Kingdom Franchising aims to establish a network of innovative pickleball centers that cater to enthusiasts of all skill levels. For more information, visit About "Pickleball Paddle Battle" "Pickleball Paddle Battle" is the first-ever reality show dedicated to the exhilarating sport of pickleball. Hosted by Clayton Echard, the show showcases elite pickleball athletes competing in intense matches while providing viewers with a glimpse into the unique world of pickleball culture.

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Cover Genius Welcomes AudienceView to its Growing List of Live Entertainment and Ticketing Partners

globenewswire | July 14, 2023

Cover Genius, the insurtech for embedded protection, has partnered with AudienceView, a global leader in ticketing and e-commerce solutions for the live entertainment industry, to offer embedded Refund Protection to thousands of venues and event businesses worldwide. This partnership follows a period of significant growth for the insurtech as it has seen a 251% increase in global live entertainment sales since June 2022. Cover Genius is the chosen Refund Protection partner for some of the world’s largest ticketing platforms, events, venues and resellers including, AXS, FreshTix, Tessitura, SeatGeek, Outbox, Spektrix and more. Its award-winning distribution platform, XCover, offers a number of unique capabilities including AI-backed optimized pricing in real-time and insurance and non-insurance solutions that are adapted for different markets. With Audienceview, Cover Genius is the merchant of record for venues that don’t take payment upfront, and is the licensed or authorized agent where needed. “Data shows that adding protection within the checkout experience increases purchase conversion rates by 8%‡,” said Angus McDonald, CEO and Co-founder of Cover Genius. “This increase in core conversion, or what’s called the “Protection Effect”, drives the conversion rate for AudienceView’s venue partners, leading to more ticket sales and increased loyalty.” Live ticketholders also benefit from a seamless customer journey via handles customers’ needs – from the initial sale through to administration and refunds – resulting in an industry-leading post-claims NPS of +65. Its award-winning service design has been shown to reduce support tickets by 7x.‡ “As consumers return to live events after years of uncertainty, data shows that they want relevant protection that offers them a sense of security and, more or less, differs from the “one-size-fits-all” approach that has traditionally been offered in the space,” said McDonald. “By adding relevant protection, such as CFAR, to the checkout experience, customers and brands benefit.” A Refund Protection Survey, conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius, found 54% of global ticketholders would be highly likely to buy Refund Protection for tickets for common issues like illness and injury, a number that grows by 9% if the protection is unlimited. Respondents said they’d be willing to pay 123% more for this ‘Cancel for any Reason’ (CFAR) protection, with most of them nominating convenience as the primary reason. About Cover Genius Cover Genius is the insurtech for embedded protection. Through XCover, our global distribution platform for any insurance or other type of protection, we protect the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Booking Holdings, owner of Priceline and, Intuit, Hopper, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Descartes ShipRush, Zip and SeatGeek. We’re also available at Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Wayfair and SE Asia’s largest company, Shopee. Together with our partners, we co-create solutions to embed tailored, optimized protection that’s licensed or authorized in over 60 countries and all 50 US States. In addition, we provide customers with a seamless, end-to-end experience via handles customers’ needs – from the initial sale through to administration and claims, resulting in an industry-leading post claims NPS of +65. Its award-winning service design has shown to reduce support tickets by 7x.‡ AboutAudienceView AudienceViewbelieves in the power of live events and its purpose is to ignite that passion in people around the world. As the essential partner to get live events discovered, attended and remembered, we serve the entire industry, regardless of genre or size, and help our clients sell more tickets every single day. Through an unmatched set of solutions that includes innovative technology, popular consumer brands and a unique engagement model, we support 9,000+ venues, process over $3 billion in ticketing and fundraising transactions and sell over 110-million tickets each year.

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prnewswire | August 11, 2023

Cineverse Corp, a global streaming technology and entertainment company with one of the world's largest portfolios of streaming channels and content library, today announced that it has reached a FAST focused content deal with The Preview Channel™, a linear entertainment AVOD channel that programs the latest, trending motion picture, television and streaming previews and the best in behind-the-scenes entertainment and interviews featuring the most popular stars, biggest franchises, hit movies and shows. The Preview Channel™ has carved out a popular niche with short-form, mostly Hollywood studio produced content that is updated and refreshed daily. "William Sager, CEO of TPC said "We couldn't be more delighted to have partnered with Cineverse. The Preview Channel™ is developing a devoted and loyal fan base and is performing exceptionally well in a very crowded OTT marketplace." Cineverse had initially been operating The Preview Channel's advertising business and recently expanded its pact to include full channel distribution so the popular service could scale rapidly. "We have seen extraordinary and immediate results from their advertising inventory and thought it made complete sense to expand our relationship immediately," said Russell Sneider, Senior VP of Brand Partnerships at Cineverse. The deal includes utilizing Cineverse's proprietary Matchpoint™ technology and advertising tools to manage and cost-effectively deliver advertising to the channel. ABOUT CINEVERSE Cineverse is a global streaming technology and entertainment company with one of the world's largest portfolios of owned and operated streaming channels, all powered by its advanced, proprietary technology platform. Cineverse currently features enthusiast brands for subscription video on demand (SVOD), transactional video on demand (TVOD), advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) and free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels. Cineverse entertains consumers around the globe by providing premium feature film and television series, enthusiast streaming channels and technology services to some of the world's largest media, retail and technology companies.

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