Pier 4 of CommonWealth Partners becomes the first in Boston to deploy fire drills for virtual reality

businesswire | January 19, 2021

Pier 4 is the first multi-occupant place of business in the city to utilize computer generated reality to direct fire drills. With numerous individuals telecommuting because of the COVID-19 pandemic, CommonWeath Partners selected to send augmented reality innovation to help guarantee all inhabitants realize how to react in a crisis at whatever point they are in the workplace.

Created by AK Preparedness, a Seattle-based crisis readiness and life security organization, the new SafetyNetVR arrangement includes making a photograph sensible 3D model of a structure's inside and afterward inserting data about flights of stairs and life wellbeing hardware.

Web VR fire drills permit building tenants to utilize their cell phones, tablets or PCs to investigate their environmental factors, find flights of stairs and fire dousers, and leave the structure. As clients explore their structure all through the VR experience, they can figure out how to utilize a fire douser or crisis telephones, discover what happens when the structure goes into alert, and get video-based guidance from a fireman. They can likewise find out about reacting to a wide scope of different crises. The estimation of the VR fire drills will stretch out a long ways past the COVID-19 circumstance; it will empower building inhabitants to prepare their workers on crisis rehearses whenever, instead of sitting tight for intermittent in-person trainings which may just happen once every year.

AK Preparedness is a main public supplier of crisis readiness arranging, preparing, and innovation arrangements, helping a huge number of business office properties, partnerships, government associations, and private structures diminish chances through more viable life wellbeing programs. Established in 1981, AK gives crisis reaction plan improvement, on the web and portable crisis reaction apparatuses, live preparing and penetrates, tabletop works out, life security preparing recordings, and different administrations.

Ward Partners LLC is a vertically incorporated, exclusive land venture, improvement and the board association. Settled in Los Angeles, CWP has resources situated all through the United States, including Boston, New York, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego.


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It brings quality Exxact WiFi experience in all the rooms of your home with RJ45 Wireless Access Point and Switch. The Exxact RJ45 WiFi wall outlet is a dual-band WiFi access point in the Exxact wall outlet range.

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ClearOne Launches CHAT® 150 BT Group Speakerphone for Enhanced Audio Conferences

ClearOne | January 31, 2023

On January 30, 2023, ClearOne, a provider of conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions, launched the new CHAT® 150 BT group speakerphone with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The device was created in response to the rise of unified communications software applications and mobile devices for conference calls. It provides an enhanced conferencing experience for the finest in business-class performance. The CHAT® 150 BT group speakerphone can easily and instantly connect to personal computers, mobile devices, or Bluetooth-enabled desk phones. It offers users an economical way to upgrade home offices, executive offices, and mid-size meeting spaces with BYOD simplicity and superior audio clarity for video meetings and audio conferences. The speakerphone's audio bridging feature lets far-end USB-connected conference participants using conferencing apps, local users, and Bluetooth-connected far-end mobile callers, join the same call and clearly hear each other. With a steerable microphone array and first-mic priority feature, it intelligently activates the microphone closest to the speaker, reducing ambient noise. Like all ClearOne microphone products, the device is compatible with popular collaboration platforms such as ZoomTM, WebExTM, Microsoft® Teams, Google® MeetTM, and many more. The new BT model preserves all the original CHAT® 150 speakerphone features, such as Advanced Noise Cancellation, Full Duplex Distributed Echo CancellationTM, and Automatic Level Control algorithms, allowing for precise and natural audio capture and playback. It also has an NFC tap-to-pair feature and a wired USB connection to maintain compatibility across all modern devices. In addition, the CHAT® 150 BT group speakerphone is portable, weighing just over a pound, and features a touch interface with control of volume, mute, and Bluetooth functions in a sleek design. Derek Graham, the interim CEO of ClearOne, shared, "Every product we design has the shared goal of making it easier for companies and individuals to communicate remotely with excellent audio quality and class-leading simplicity." He added, "The CHAT 150 BT upgrades our customer-favorite speakerphone to enable even more flexible usage that's ideal for today's ever-changing needs and reflects the growth of BYOD conference calls and meetings. ClearOne continues to evaluate the needs of businesses and individuals working in today's complex office environments, and we're proud to deliver innovative features and benefits to make every meeting easier and more productive." (Source – Business Wire) About ClearOne Headquartered in Salt Lake City (Utah), ClearOne enables conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions. Founded in 1983, the company has been improving communication and collaboration for organizations worldwide, from Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses and institutions, for nearly 40 years. ClearOne is the best-in-class option for any industry or organization that relies on teamwork and collaboration to be successful, from mobile conferences to the largest meeting venues

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Jagex Acquires SCUM Builder Gamespires

Jagex | January 03, 2023

Runescape’s publisher, Jagex, maintains sturdy growth by acquiring Gamepires, a community-driven developer that designed the extremely popular SCUM. Jagex, the leading creator and publisher of community-driven games, announced the purchase of Gamepires, an incredibly successful game production studio of experienced developers. It is known best for its open-world survival game; SCUM achieved critical and communal success in 2018. Both Gamepires and Jagex are community-driven, which means that SCUM can reach its full potential and a multi-platform 1.0 will be released in the future. Jagex, renowned for the success of its RuneScape franchise, will collaborate with Gamepires to leverage its extensive knowledge of community-driven games and its position as a global publisher to propel SCUM to the forefront of open-world survivor games. Acquisitions and publishing by third parties are part of Jagex's plan to build a family of community-driven studios and live-service games that are the best in the business. "Partnering with Jagex provides us the opportunity to take SCUM to the next level," -Tomislav Pongrac, creative director and co-founder of Gamepires. The terms of the transaction were not made public. The shareholders of Gamepires relied on IMAP and Ostermann & Partners, respectively, for financial and legal advice during the company's formation. Jagex relied on KPMG for advice regarding its finances and taxes, and Wolf Theiss served as the company's legal advisor. About Jagex Jagex's flagship MMORPG, RuneScape, has more than 300 million player accounts and has made over $1 billion in lifetime revenue. In addition, it is a leader in making deep and engaging live games for PC and mobile. The Cambridge headquarters of Jagex is home to more than 450 people who work there.Jagex Partners is the third-party publishing arm of Jagex and focuses on working with game developers who create games with a strong community focus. Jagex acquired Pipeworks to propel its community-focused game studios earlier in 2022.

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FuboTV and Scripps Networks Come Together to Deliver Top-class Entertainment

FuboTV and Scripps Networks | December 28, 2022

FuboTV, the leading sports-live streaming platform has recently signed a carriage agreement with the broadcast media production and distribution company – Scripps Networks Interactive. “The televisions segment in the United States is projected to grow by 0.27% (2022-2027), resulting in a market volume of US $ 18.01 billion in 2027 -Statista Multi-year Distribution Partnership, Under this collaboration, FuboTV subscribers will now be able to watch popular networks that are owned by EW Scripps Company. Some of the most well-known networks on it are ION, ION Mystery, ION Plus, Bounce, Grit, Newsy, and Court TV. Benefits of Collaboration,The carriage agreement between the two distinguished networks will expand the viewership of FuboTV. Apart from watching sports, viewers can now enjoy entertainment and other news offerings, making FuboTV the top streaming option for families. A Win-win Scenario,This pact will be a win-win situation for both parties—the television networks and the viewers. Families can now watch all of this under one roof at a reasonable price! What’s more incredible is that Scripps Networks has interesting content like ‘ION Mystery’ (showcases thriller docuseries) and ‘ION Plus’ (favorite dramas). In addition, ‘Bounce’ has some of the most popular original series and movies. Not only this, but the network also has ‘Newsy’ (news content) and ‘Court TV’ (in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis). Meanwhile, Newsy will become ‘Scripps News’ on January 1, 2023. About FuboTV FuboTV wants to go beyond the current TV model, which is why JD Power gave it the highest score for Customer Satisfaction among Live TV streaming services. The company has offices in the U.S., Canada, France, and Spain. It wants to turn passive viewers into active ones and create a new category for interactive sports and entertainment. Click to find out more. About Scripps Networks Scripps Networks is a leader in home, food, and travel lifestyle media, and it puts out content on a wide range of media platforms. The company loves coming up with new ways to get people interested. Scripps Networks makes different kinds of content to connect with viewers and give them daily ideas, information, and solutions. Visit for more information.

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