Ranker Insights Leverages Fan Votes to Provide Data Solutions for CTV Advertising

Ranker | February 03, 2023 | Read time : 02:41 min

Ranker Insights Leverages Fan Votes to Provide Data Solutions

On February 2, 2023, Ranker and its platform Ranker Insights, powered by over 1.3 billion fan votes, began collaborating with AdTech and Data Platform companies to provide entertainment brands and their agencies with a layer of connectivity for their CTV advertising.

In a media environment that is becoming increasingly fragmented, targeted advertising has become significantly more challenging. Ranker Insights offers solutions to inherent problems media companies face when attempting to boost ad dollar effectiveness. While programmatic ad spending in CTV revenue continues to rise and provides some effective routes for entertainment brands to target audiences, no ideal data source for show-level targeting is currently available.

Demographic-based segments are too unfocused for today's entertainment consumer's staggering number of options. Social listening data is incomplete and increasingly used only within platforms, while obtaining and targeting consumers with viewership data is becoming more challenging. Consumption data is flawed due to multiple users in a household, and viewing does not indicate liking when it comes to TV.

Ranker Insights uses fan sentiment from millions of US voters to address these issues. Its data is anonymous and unaffected by privacy laws. Post-consumption data drives votes on the platform, indicating whether the response was positive or negative. The platform includes fans of over 10,000 titles from all major OTT services and networks and builds a ‘Lifetime’ taste history for the consumers.

The solution helps brands extend campaigns by reaching unexpected audiences with strong affinities and hard-to-reach premium SVOD audiences of original series. In this emerging market, fan data is essential because content providers keep viewership data in-house. This data can be used alone or supplemented with other sources and solves entertainment advertiser and agency pain points regardless of the use case.

About Ranker

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ranker is the leader in fan-powered rankings. Ranker Insights, powered by over 1 billion votes, provides marketers, studios, and platforms with personalized consumer recommendations and audience insights using psychographic correlation data. In addition, Watchworthy, launched by the company in 2020, provides statistically relevant, crowdsourced TV recommendations to consumers. The firm is on Deloitte's 2019 Technology Fast 500, Built In LA's Top 50 Mid-Sized Companies To Work For in 2020 and 2021, and Fast Company's World's Most Innovative Companies for 2021 lists



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FitXR expands VR Fitness offering to PICO

businesswire | March 30, 2023

FitXR is continuing to expand its popular virtual reality (VR) fitness offering with the UK, EU and Asia markets by launching on the popular PICO VR headsets. FitXR’s launch on PICO represents its commitment to make VR fitness accessible to all, irrespective of the user’s preference in hardware choice. As the mass market appeal in VR continues to grow, it will bring with it increased interest in hardware developers, innovation and consumer choice and in turn the desirability in multi-platform offerings like FitXR. In January 2023, FitXR launched two new studio offerings: Sculpt and Combat, to add to its already robust suite of offerings that include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Dance and Box workout options. The launch of Sculpt (workouts inspired by barre, pilates, and isometric strength training) and Combat (workouts inspired by karate, muay thai and taekwondo) support FitXR’s continued mission to provide the widest variety of workout experiences available in the metaverse today. FitXR is now reaching new audiences by bringing its at-home virtual fitness experience to PICO headsets. Starting today, any consumer who downloads FitXR onto their PICO 4 or PICO Neo Link 3 headset will get 30 days free membership; an offer running until the 30th of April. “Launching on PICO is a pivotal moment for FitXR,” said Sam Cole, CEO and Co-founder of FitXR. “We already offer the most diverse and unique fitness experience, and by expanding to the new PICO headset, we’re furthering our aim to provide this to every person, in every household, in every geography, and on any hardware device. It also reinforces our position as the leading global VR Fitness app with members around the world.” “For PICO, launching FitXR as a subscription app on our platform underlines our commitment to bring the widest variety of high quality and customizable fitness experiences to our customers,” said Peter Li, Head of Gaming Partnerships at PICO. FitXR’s launch on PICO is also indicative of the heightened appetite for combining technology and gaming to provide the optimal fitness experience. On FitXR, users can access different fitness studios whilst customising these experiences to meet their goals. Every time members enter the app, they can choose exactly how they want to work out; by studio type, music genre, intensity level, and/or time duration and then choose from one of many fully immersive 3D workout environments. Members can Dance or Box on a downtown city building rooftop, take Sculpt classes on the beachfront seaside or fight and defend in an outdoor martial arts-inspired Combat arena - all while punching flying fireballs, earning points and extending their winning streak. “We never forget to bring the fun. The fun matters just as much as the results,” said Lisa Raggiri, Chief Marketing Officer at FitXR. “Whilst all of our classes are choreographed by certified fitness instructors to ensure results, we are strong believers in leveraging the unique immersive nature of VR to provide a fun escape. We know that by jumping into a fully immersive workout, our members have greater enjoyment, improve their consistency and see real results.” In case variety, customization, gamification and numerous 3D environments wasn’t enough, FitXR is launching its first Box Training Program created in partnership with Olympic Boxing Champion Nicola Adams. About FitXR FitXR merges immersive VR with total body workouts designed by top fitness experts. Dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone, FitXR offers classes within five distinct workout studios - Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt and Combat. FitXR provides a truly engaging, multiplayer experience along with constantly refreshed classes, environments and music.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Partners With IGN Entertainment to Launch ESIX Gaming, the World’s First-ever Theme Park Based Gaming Experience

businesswire | May 22, 2023

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Thrill Capital of South Texas, in partnership with IGN Entertainment, today announced the May 20 official launch of ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™. IGN, the world’s number one entertainment platform, becomes the official streaming and media partner in debuting this new, top-of-the-line competitive gaming campus. As the largest gaming-focused media platform in the world with over 286M+ unique users, IGN is positioned to bring the excitement of ESIX to gamers of all ages. Through this partnership, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and IGN Entertainment will host and stream a range of competitive events throughout the year featuring the biggest games, teams and IGN’s array of beloved hosts. “Six Flags Fiesta Texas is excited to partner with IGN Entertainment to launch a new, cutting-edge gaming experience, the first of its kind at any theme park in the world,” said Park President Jeffrey Siebert. “As leaders in the gaming industry, IGN Entertainment brings an unprecedented level of excitement and expertise to ESIX Gaming powered by Coca Cola,” added Siebert. “With the development of this new state-of-the-art ESIX Gaming arena, Six Flags not only raises the bar for the amusement industry but also shows the world its commitment to the gaming category,” said IGN Strategic Partnerships & Innovation SVP Karl Stewart. “Their new arena offers guests unprecedented access to the latest games, technology and favorite teams in an intimate and highly competitive environment. IGN is honored to support bringing Six Flags’ vision to our audiences around the world.” ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™ has incredible features coveted by the gaming community: Event Stage – Guests will feel the intensity of live tournaments in a 5v5 gaming format; Razer™ Gaming Stations – In partnership with Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, the ESIX experience will include 50 custom-built gaming PC stations. Guests of all skill levels can play, compete and experience their favorite competitive titles on top-of-the-line Razer gaming hardware. Each gaming PC station is equipped with the latest 4080 graphic cards, 280 Hz monitors, and a suite of Razer gear including their latest keyboards, mice and headsets; Gaming Console Stations – Console competitors will also be supported with the newest next-generation consoles and professional-grade Razer controllers at five console stations; Razer Live Streaming Station – Guests will have the opportunity to broadcast and host their own live content from an ultimate professional livestream setup that includes Razer’s multi-tasking Stream Controller, professional dynamic microphone, Razer’s 4k webcam, key lights and an iconic Razer gaming chair; Bar, Restrooms and Enhanced Amenities – Guests can relax in the ultramodern 52-seat lounge with cell phone charging stations, sip a signature cocktail from the new bar menu or test and purchase the latest gaming equipment; Coke VIP Lounge (second floor) – During events, athletes are able to relax and enjoy the upscale, full-service environment and watch live streaming game play; and Zaragoza Theater – A 1,601-seat, full-sized theater can be used for esports events and game play during large scale tournaments. ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™ debuts Saturday, May 20. Visit for updates on this and all the exciting developments for the 2023 season. About IGN Entertainment IGN Entertainment is one of the leading Internet media companies focused on video games and entertainment. IGN reaches more than 288 million monthly users around the world, and is followed by more than 51MM social and YouTube followers. With an extremely engaged audience, watching over 566MM minutes of content monthly. IGN also publishes daily content on 34 platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Discover. Established in 1996, IGN is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Sydney and London. IGN content is localized in 25 languages and 112 countries and hosted on websites and native applications on mobile, connected TV, and Xbox and PlayStation platforms. For more information, visit and follow @IGN on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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WIN Reality Launches New VR Baseball Coaching

prnewswire | May 23, 2023

WIN Reality, the virtual reality training and assessment platform for athletes, announced today the launch of their latest in-game coaching product, WIN Elite. This new offering is designed to provide direct, personalized coaching and analysis for young baseball and softball players to improve their hitting performance in real-time in an immersive VR environment. WIN Elite is centered around individualized 1:1 coaching from a core group of coaching professionals who lead hitting lessons with athletes in real time. The combination of coaching with VR provides game speed repetitions with real time metrics. The program includes working through fundamental drills, hitting scenarios, and teaching a winner's mentality, all designed to improve performance at the plate. With Elite, athletes will experience coaching that is normally only accessible to elite athletes and teams. Scheduling is flexible and athletes can join the platform from anywhere with a wifi connection, making WIN Elite a convenient training option for both players and parents. "There's no substitute for a coach, but not everyone has the time and resources for in person, 1:1 instruction on top of the rigors of school, practice, and games," says Ben Schragger, Director of Customer Experience at WIN Reality. "With WIN Elite, young players can unlock the benefits of a private hitting coach, including custom development plans, from the comfort of their own home." Beyond the advantages of a VR environment, WIN Elite leverages accountability between the players and the coaches in order to help develop athletes who are just getting started in sports all the way through elite high school players preparing for their transition to college. That means personal training plans with clear expectations of completion coupled with on-demand text messages directly between coaches and players. It also means access to community events periodically that feature Q&As with college athletes, interactive training livestreams with other coaches, and info sessions on college recruiting and other off-the-field topics. "We launched WIN Reality because we knew that a VR environment can help more players hone their performance," said Chris O'Dowd, Founder and CEO of WIN Reality and former pro baseball player. "But that's no substitute for the value of a personal coach guiding a player's growth in the game. By bringing together the best of technology with the power of individual attention and instruction, we know that our young players can make the most of their growth in the sport." "Being able to throw the headset on, take swings, and receive instantaneous feedback about how you're performing, you can't rival that", said Chris Love, WIN Elite Parent. "The ability for Winter, my son, to train virtually with his WIN Elite coach, who played high-level baseball, is as good or better than any in person coach Winter has had up until this point." WIN Reality is hosted on the Meta Quest headset and the platform is available at both as well as the Meta Quest store. WIN Elite is $299 for a three-month subscription in addition to the basic pricing for WIN Reality at $29/month. Introductory pricing offers are currently available for new users. About WIN Reality WIN Reality's virtual reality -based training tool is used by thousands of youth players and hundreds of professional and collegiate baseball athletes, including most Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises and more than 100 NCAA teams. Delivered through the Meta Quest headset, the company's software solution allows baseball and softball players to step into a virtual ballpark and take game-speed pitches that move as they would in a live environment. With a library of over 7,000 real-life pitchers and nearly two million pitches, users can participate in a near-infinite number of hitting drills and pitching simulations with real-time data-driven insights to improve pitch-recognition abilities and swing attributes. MLB players who used WIN as a game-prep tool exhibited 19% higher batting averages, 12% higher on-base percentages, and an 18% better plate-discipline ratio, according to a joint WIN-MLB study. Within the last year, players have faced nearly 40 million pitches on the WIN platform.

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