The hottest Nintendo Switch games you can get right now

Digital Trends | December 10, 2018

The Nintendo Switch has been on a tear since it launched last year. It started off strong with what ended up being 2017’s Game of the Year — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — and kept up the momentum this year with a reign of addictively fun games such as Octopath Traveler and Mario Tennis Aces.The Switch isn’t just a good platform for first-party Nintendo titles, it’s a host to a wide range of stellar third-party role-playing, strategy, action, adventure, shooters, and more. If you’re looking into picking up a Switch or on the lookout for more games to add to your library, we’ve compiled a list of the best Nintendo Switch games available today.Developed by Dodge Roll and published by renowned indie studio Devolver Digital, Enter the Gungeon is one of the Switch’s absolute must-play indie titles. Enter the Gungeon is a challenging dungeon crawler with twitchy shooting mechanics and copious amounts of loot to uncover. It’s also a roguelike, though not in the traditional sense. All rooms stay the same, but the enemies, treasure, and location of the rooms are randomly generated.



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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Partners With IGN Entertainment to Launch ESIX Gaming, the World’s First-ever Theme Park Based Gaming Experience

businesswire | May 22, 2023

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Thrill Capital of South Texas, in partnership with IGN Entertainment, today announced the May 20 official launch of ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™. IGN, the world’s number one entertainment platform, becomes the official streaming and media partner in debuting this new, top-of-the-line competitive gaming campus. As the largest gaming-focused media platform in the world with over 286M+ unique users, IGN is positioned to bring the excitement of ESIX to gamers of all ages. Through this partnership, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and IGN Entertainment will host and stream a range of competitive events throughout the year featuring the biggest games, teams and IGN’s array of beloved hosts. “Six Flags Fiesta Texas is excited to partner with IGN Entertainment to launch a new, cutting-edge gaming experience, the first of its kind at any theme park in the world,” said Park President Jeffrey Siebert. “As leaders in the gaming industry, IGN Entertainment brings an unprecedented level of excitement and expertise to ESIX Gaming powered by Coca Cola,” added Siebert. “With the development of this new state-of-the-art ESIX Gaming arena, Six Flags not only raises the bar for the amusement industry but also shows the world its commitment to the gaming category,” said IGN Strategic Partnerships & Innovation SVP Karl Stewart. “Their new arena offers guests unprecedented access to the latest games, technology and favorite teams in an intimate and highly competitive environment. IGN is honored to support bringing Six Flags’ vision to our audiences around the world.” ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™ has incredible features coveted by the gaming community: Event Stage – Guests will feel the intensity of live tournaments in a 5v5 gaming format; Razer™ Gaming Stations – In partnership with Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, the ESIX experience will include 50 custom-built gaming PC stations. Guests of all skill levels can play, compete and experience their favorite competitive titles on top-of-the-line Razer gaming hardware. Each gaming PC station is equipped with the latest 4080 graphic cards, 280 Hz monitors, and a suite of Razer gear including their latest keyboards, mice and headsets; Gaming Console Stations – Console competitors will also be supported with the newest next-generation consoles and professional-grade Razer controllers at five console stations; Razer Live Streaming Station – Guests will have the opportunity to broadcast and host their own live content from an ultimate professional livestream setup that includes Razer’s multi-tasking Stream Controller, professional dynamic microphone, Razer’s 4k webcam, key lights and an iconic Razer gaming chair; Bar, Restrooms and Enhanced Amenities – Guests can relax in the ultramodern 52-seat lounge with cell phone charging stations, sip a signature cocktail from the new bar menu or test and purchase the latest gaming equipment; Coke VIP Lounge (second floor) – During events, athletes are able to relax and enjoy the upscale, full-service environment and watch live streaming game play; and Zaragoza Theater – A 1,601-seat, full-sized theater can be used for esports events and game play during large scale tournaments. ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola™ debuts Saturday, May 20. Visit for updates on this and all the exciting developments for the 2023 season. About IGN Entertainment IGN Entertainment is one of the leading Internet media companies focused on video games and entertainment. IGN reaches more than 288 million monthly users around the world, and is followed by more than 51MM social and YouTube followers. With an extremely engaged audience, watching over 566MM minutes of content monthly. IGN also publishes daily content on 34 platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Discover. Established in 1996, IGN is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Sydney and London. IGN content is localized in 25 languages and 112 countries and hosted on websites and native applications on mobile, connected TV, and Xbox and PlayStation platforms. For more information, visit and follow @IGN on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Nex Gives Developers a Sneak Peek at Its Eye-Catching Motion Entertainment Device at GDC 2023

businesswire | March 23, 2023

Nex, a leader in motion entertainment, today announced they will be offering an exclusive first look at Nex Playground, a new entertainment device that delivers immersive games and experiences powered by body motion, at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 22-24 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. GDC attendees will also get to experience a broad portfolio of motion games and experiences at Nex’s booth. “Finding entertainment choices that are active, positive, and healthy can be a challenge for anyone, and families in particular. Nex Playground encourages new forms of physical play, and also brings people together,” said David Lee, co-founder and CEO of Nex. “At GDC, we want to show creators how full-body motion interaction is something any game developer can leverage to open up a new world of immersive motion-based experiences.” Nex Playground delivers the most natural and intuitive way to play with no extra wearables. Simply connect Nex Playground to a big screen TV and you’ll instantly transform your living room into an active play space. Nex Playground sees your body movements and provides endless hours of fun for the whole family. It’s like an arcade, theme park, sports park, playground, and gym, all rolled into one. Nex Playground supports any number of players and can even connect friends for remote play. The Nex Playground remote is equipped with haptic feedback, allowing motion games to become even more immersive and magical. In addition to previewing the new device, Nex is inviting all game developers and designers who want to build immersive, motion-powered gameplay experiences to join their presentation on “Motion Tracking Meets AI, Creating a New Category of Games” at the GDC Partner Stage on March 22 at 11:30 a.m. Lee will introduce new and powerful motion capture tools for development in Unity, and explain how to publish motion-based games on a variety of consumer devices and platforms, including Nex Playground. To help the motion entertainment ecosystem accelerate, Nex has created a package of content development tools that allow game and content developers to create their own motion experiences. This includes the Nex Motion Developer Kit (MDK), an AI-powered toolkit for building motion interactive content and games right within Unity. Nex has been working closely with a few game developers already to put the MDK to the test. “Here's the wonderful thing about motion games: the player's body is way richer and more intricate than any controller could ever be,” said Mattia Traverso, the BAFTA finalist Game Designer who will be joining Lee on stage for the presentation. “Players can be very creative in the way they interact with our games through their body poses and movements. Now we can build games that respond to these organic inputs and create new kinds of experiences that would not be possible before. And what’s cool about Nex’s Motion Developer Kit is that it’s really easy to create these kinds of games now.” As pioneers in motion entertainment, Nex is paving the way to a powerful new interactive paradigm that taps into the pure joy of physical activity. Within its motion entertainment ecosystem, endless possibilities await in a range of experiences spanning different realms of interest, from dance to sports to education to interactive adventures. Compared to traditional video games and fitness apps, Nex’s motion-based experiences blend movement and interactive content to deliver entertainment that is as intuitive as using your hands and feet. The experiences require no headset, keyboard, or game controller to enjoy, instead leveraging natural body movement to interact with the myriad of activities. Nex’s motion experiences are available on billions of camera-enabled consumer devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Starting this summer, some of Nex’s games like Starri, a heart-pounding motion-based rhythm game, will also become available on Steam. Additionally, Nex is currently collaborating closely with operators, TV manufacturers, brands and IP holders to bring motion entertainment to life. Nex Playground is slated to launch alongside a subscription catalog of more than 30 games and experiences, with the first batch of units targeting holiday 2023. In June, the company plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Nex Playground, which will offer priority access to early inventory and other perks. For an opportunity to be an early backer, sign up HERE. Developer kit units will be available this summer. Nex collaborated with level Design, a woman-led industrial design shop based in San Francisco, to create the design of Nex Playground, and SKYWORTH Group Limited, a leading supplier of advanced, high-quality TV and entertainment solutions, to produce the physical models being shown at GDC. About Nex Nex is helping humanity reconnect with the joy of movement through fun, social, and interactive motion entertainment that’s accessible on any modern camera-equipped device. Using cutting-edge AI, mobile, and vision technologies, Nex merges the digital and physical worlds, so players are immersed in the experience using their natural body movement. Nex has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Time’s Best Inventions, and has been awarded the prestigious Apple Design Award. Nex apps are used in more than 200 countries around the world and include HomeCourt, Active Arcade, Party Fowl, Starri, Miniacs Steering Madness and Peppa Pig: Jump and Giggle.

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Digital Turbine and Apptopia Release Their Brand Insights Report

Digital Turbine | March 10, 2023

Digital Turbine, an independent mobile growth platform, and Apptopia released the 2023 Q1 BRAG (Brand Relative App Growth) Brand Insights Report, a part of ongoing report series. This report provides brand-oriented mobile growth insights for CMOs and UA Marketers. The report reveals new intelligence based on consumer sentiments for brand mobile apps across five categories; travel, social media, shopping, streaming audio, and streaming video. It empowers UA Managers and CMOs with new insights for mobile growth, which the leading brands undertake. The first BRAG index got released in 2020, and the subsequent reports continued to research the relationship of brand equity with mobile growth. The report analyzed Metrics like Brand Love, Brand Power and Love Compass. Brand Love is the strength of favorable opinions for brands, and Brand Power measures a brand's influence on consumer interest in installing their application. Love Compass scaled the change in user opinion; several users' responses improved or deteriorated in the last 90 days. The leaders for each metric across the five categories in the report are as follows: Brand Love: Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Music, Life360, and Marriott Bonvoy Brand Power: Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon, TripAdvisor and Messenger Love Compass: Paramount+, Fetch, BeReal, TouchTunes, and Marriott Bonvoy CMO at Digital Turbine, Gregory Wester said, "Not all marketing investments immediately impact mobile growth." He added, "That said, our past BRAG analysis has shown the direct correlation between an increase in brand strength and success in mobile growth. The brands we measured outperformed in terms of Love, Power, and Compass, and are primed for outsized mobile growth. Next quarter, we'll find out who executed against their potential. Equally important, BRAG will reveal who outperformed without coveted brand metrics." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Digital Turbine Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Digital Turbine, an advertising services provider, specializes in mobile content and applications, mobile games, mobile value-added services, application management solutions, device management, on-device portals, UI development (web & mobile), mobile payment, mobile commerce, music streaming, and eBooks. It has connected advertisers, content publishers, carriers and OEMs since 2011. It integrates a full ad stack with proprietary technology into different devices through wireless operators and OEMs. As a result, it optimizes advertising and monetization at its optimal limit. In addition, it innovates and influences companies' advertising strategies with valuable insights and data.

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