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Varnish Software Achieves 1.3 Tbps Per Server Throughput at 1.17 Gbps Per Watt

Varnish Software Set a New Record for Video Streaming

On February 22, 2023, Varnish Software, a leader in video streaming, online caching, and content delivery software, revealed new performance benchmarks for content delivery that set new records.

With the help of Intel and Supermicro, a single 1,120-watt Edge server could handle more than 1.3 Tbps of throughput, equivalent to 1.17 Gbps per watt.

Varnish Enterprise 6.0 was deployed on a Supermicro 2U CloudDC server powered by 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors without the need for additional-cost SSL offload cards. Supermicro's 1U and 2U CloudDC servers are optimized for private and public clouds and come with single or dual processors, an all-inclusive server with the best cost-to-optimized-performance ratio. These servers are optimized for balancing CPU, memory, storage, expansion, and networking. In addition, each server offers PCI-Express Gen 5 x8 and x16 expansion slots for the latest PCI cards.

"Achieving over 1 Tbps in a single Edge server is a major leap forward for the industry, and critical for delivering the next generation of video and digital experiences," said Frank Miller, CTO of Varnish Software.

(Source –Cision PRWeb)

Michael McNerney, Vice President, Marketing and Network Security at Supermicro, added, "We deliver first-to-market innovations and IT Solutions that are environmentally friendly and fit every organization's objectives and budget."

(Source –Cision PRWeb)

Notably, this benchmark's throughput and energy efficiency can be used with different servers, depending on what the customers want. Varnish anticipates collaborating with key partners - Intel and Supermicro on systems that support a broad range of video and content delivery workloads by leveraging cost-effective system footprints and energy efficiency.

About Varnish Software

Varnish Software is a pioneer in high-performance content delivery. Its powerful caching technology helps the world's biggest content providers deliver lightning-fast web and streaming experiences for huge audiences without downtime or loss of performance. With over 10 million deployments, the technology is relied on by millions of websites worldwide across every industry, including Hulu, Emirates, and Tesla. Powered by uniquely flexible caching technology, its solutions are the common denominator among the world's most popular brands.



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