VIZIO Enhances Entertainment Experience with New Features in Its TV and Mobile App

VIZIO | January 27, 2023 | Read time : 02:11 min

VIZIO Enhances Entertainment

On January 26, 2023, VIZIO launched a suite of updated features in its TV and mobile app interfaces to make them more user-friendly.

VIZIO's Auto-update 2023 offers easy navigation, shortcuts to the Quick Menu, recent apps, and WatchFree+ Mini Guide for selected VIZIO TV owners. Similarly, the new VIZIO mobile app, accessible over Android and iOS, provides a time-saving feature with quick access to simple content discovery, voice control, WatchFree+, and subscription-management tools.

Kaitlyn Collins, Vice President of Product Marketing for VIZIO, stated, "At VIZIO, the customer experience has been and always will remain the primary focus of everything we do." She adds, "We are dedicated to providing exceptional value with our products, even beyond the original purchase. By delivering new features and capabilities to VIZIO users with our free AutoUpdates, we amplify the value of our TV lineup."

(Source – Business Wire)

Steve Yum, Vice President of Product Management at VIZIO, remarked, "The redesign of our highly rated VIZIO Mobile app is a direct reflection of our commitment to deliver the best user experience for millions of users who start their entertainment journey with VIZIO on their smartphones." He added, "VIZIO Mobile has everything you need to control your VIZIO TV, plus additional features that extend the value of VIZIO products across the board."

(Source – Business Wire)


Headquartered in Orange County (California), VIZIO has been one of America's leading TV and sound bar companies since 2002. The company's goal is to provide consumers with products that serve as the nerve center of the connected home through its ability to deliver exciting lifestyle enhancements and immersive entertainment. With its innovative Smart TVs and robust SmartCastTM operating system, the company is shaping the future of television. It also has a variety of cutting-edge sound bars available to provide its customers with a more immersive listening experience.


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In The Know is bringing you the latest and greatest in food, culture, travel, innovation and more. We've got your new gadgets, must-eat foods, and travel wish list destinations all in one place.

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