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Blockchain AR/VR Games, Bigger Than PUBG?

January 13, 2019 / Khunsha Javed

Real gamers know the struggle, it was not always like this, this glam, this fanatic. Sure yes, when Donkey Kong, The family computer and video games first came out, say the Nintendo’s and Space war’s, it made all they hype and people went bonkers.But, the journey from that to today’s Sims, Second Life, World of Warcraft is a crazy long one. Things have only refined and refined over time. Let’s talk about the most significant evolutions in this industry, and let’s face it, we are the best industry, the citizens of a great race, currently running through the augmented reality and virtual reality miles.People love to interact and live online, where the problems army be big like an attacking rogue army that is trying to eat itself or the thick plots of Sims and life simulation games where even the meal needs to be cooked and money needs to be earned.People forget they have these very problems around them and choose to play to win, not at life at the games. It ...