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Hulu price changes have good news and bad news

January 23, 2019 / Eric Abent

Hulu is making some big pricing changes today, and the news can be either good or bad depending on the plan you’re paying for each month. Those subscribed to Hulu’s basic plan are actually going to be getting a discount on their monthly bill, while those with a Live TV account are looking at paying more. These price changes aren’t taking effect immediately, but they are being implemented soon.Those of you who subscribe to the base Hulu membership – that is, video on demand with ads – will see your monthly charge drop to $5.99 per month. Previously, this tier was priced at $7.99, which was already pretty affordable. With Netflix recently raising its prices, it’s possible that Hulu sees an opportunity to pull some subscribers away from its biggest competitor.By comparison, Netflix’s base plan – which allows for a single standard definition stream – costs $8.99 per month, which means that Hulu’s base plan now costs $3 less. Of co...