Trends in Digital Experience: Virtual and Augmented Reality


VR and AR - It's the next big thing and it has arrived. Products like Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens and the promise of even higher fidelity experiences with products like Magic Leap have catapulted virtual and augmented experiences out of the realm of academic and specialized industries and into the enterprise market.Gaming is the most obvious use case, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Marketing, manufacturing, training, education are newly emerging areas where industry leaders are beginning to leverage virtual and augmented reality to create new digital experiences. Is your organization ready to capitalize on this new and exciting channel? Watch and find out.
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PwC's Marcel Fenez, Global leader entertainment and media, talks about how consumers, advertising, content creators and digital distributors are responding to shifts in consumer and advertising spending, forecast in this year's Global entertainment and media outlook.


OTT Affluents: the new golden age of video & content


The world of television is experiencing unprecedented disruption, change and growth with new platforms, channels and providers of video and content being introduced almost daily. Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar featuring findings from our recent Affluent study exploring the many dimensions of OTT/streaming attitudes, dispositions and behavior. We also identify the group of consumers who are leading the way – the “OTT Affluencers” who represent the forefront of video and content consumption.

Key Trends in Today’s Pay TV Landscape


Get the latest on key trends in today’s pay TV environment with this in-depth free webinar featuring key insights from both State of Pay, TV & OTT 2019 and State of Viewing & Streaming 2019 reports. Register today for a webinar that covers: An in-depth look at a new viewer segmentation. MVPD subscribers’ cord-cutting and cord-shaving intentions. Which platforms viewers are using to access TV content and how much time is being spent on each: traditional live, VOD, DVR, and streamed The role and importance of live TV? How new OTT services are changing consumers’ perception of the pay TV value equation.

Powering Breakthrough Technologies with NVIDIA Quadro RTX


In an increasingly competitive marketplace, manufacturing and design teams have to grapple with a number of challenges, such as time to market, cost reduction and unique product innovation. To meet these challenges, a range of new technologies are converging to change the way products are created altogether. These include developments such as real-time ray tracing, virtual reality, real-time engineering simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI). To power these breakthrough technologies engineers and architects must have the best computing tools at their disposal. In this webinar, you will learn about NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphic cards and how they bring these emerging technologies to the desktop.

Protecting IP Rights in the Sports and Entertainment Industries


Athletes, entertainers or media personalities often use IP rights to control the use of their image. Television, film studios and other content providers copyright their scripts; sports teams license their logos; individual athletes trademark their likeness and name. However, vigilant monitoring is needed to minimize the risk of infringement and protect their reputations. Social media users are sharing, tweeting and posting a variety of IP, including celebrity pictures, videos and more, often without owner’s permission. Counsel must monitor and protect the IP from infringement but must also achieve a balance between pursuing claims and the marketing value of social media content.