September 20-23, 2021 | USA

Business leaders have had to remain agile and engaged with shifting consumer concerns and demands coupled with societal transformation. Over the course of four days, brand leaders from the world’s top brands will take to the virtual stage for interactive discussions focused on solutions for building a promising, innovative future in the marketing and advertising industry and lead masterclasses on topics key to personal and professional growth.


Tasting, smelling and feeling in VR is only 15 years away. Or is it? Four students place when in time they think the entertainment of the future is here. Their choices are reviewed by Ericsson's experts.



September 15-16, 2021 | USA

We are gearing up to host RESHAPE: The Experience Code by Insider on September 15-16. A two-day virtual summit aimed at global leaders, technology visionaries, and cutting-edge creators, RESHAPE will bring together over 8,000 CMOs, SVPs of Marketing, digital leaders, and 10,000+ attendees under one (virtual) roof with 100+ A-list speakers. In an experience- and meaning-based economy, as leaders, we need to learn from each other and focus on building reciprocity between consumers and their brands to pivot forward RESHAPE brings together a vibrant community of leaders to share real-life stories of transformation and actionable advice on navigating paradigm shifts in customer experience, leadership, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion.

Independent Filmmaker Day - Emmy Winner Kevin Bright (Friends)! Pitchfest!

September 11-13, 2021 | USA

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer, this event is for you. We help independent creators from around the world develop new projects, connect within the industry, and champion collaborative and impactful storytelling at all stages. For beginners, you will hear from industry experts providing you with real-world practical advice to help turn your dream idea or screenplay into reality. Rather than paying thousands of dollars to attend film school or lengthy monthly/weekly courses, in only 2 days with IFD you will learn how to pitch your idea, structure your project, find funding, and locate distribution. For experienced filmmakers, you will hear from Oscar and Emmy Nominated Experts that will teach you how to add value to your projects. You will learn new strategies on how to finance your film/tv project, how to market your film/tv project using social media, how to attract A-List talent, how to maximize tax strategies under IRS Code 181, and how to sell your film/tv project to networks, Netflix and Amazon.

Ragan's Social Media Conference

September 9-11, 2021 | USA

Have you ever looked at a brand’s viral post, tweet, photo or video post and wondered how it created so much conversation? While there’s no quick strategy to “go viral,” learning how you can powerfully engage with your audience by offering them content that earns followers and creates customers is the best way to ensure you get there sooner rather than later. At this conference, you’ll learn secrets for creating and effectively telling the stories that drive clicks, takeaways for leading and being part of inclusive, timely conversations across your social media channels and best practices for implementing the most innovative, forward-thinking strategies to engage audiences in new ways.

Production Co-ordination for Unscripted TV

September 7-8, 2021 | USA

This intensive and interactive course gives confidence to Production Secretaries, Production Assistants, Jnr Production Co-ordinators as well as new entrants who want to pursue a role in Production to make the step up to become a Production Co-ordinator. By the end of the course you will understand what the role of a Production Co-ordinator is in Unscripted TV production and how to set up shoots, complete financial reconciliations and complete post production paperwork whilst keeping your Production Manager happy.


Tasting, smelling and feeling in VR is only 15 years away. Or is it? Four students place when in time they think the entertainment of the future is here. Their choices are reviewed by Ericsson's experts.