Enterprise Video Leader Qumu Announces Virtualization of the Worldwide Office

businesswire | December 08, 2020

Qumu, a main supplier of cloud-based Enterprise Video innovation for associations, everything being equal, has quite recently declared a 'Work from Wherever, Forever' strategy for all representatives, starting December 8, 2020. Three of Qumu's overall office areas will be authoritatively shut, with representatives in all workplaces proceeding to work distantly as they have been since March of 2020.

“At Qumu, we believe a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy is the socially responsible thing to do for our employees and their health, for the wellbeing of the planet, and for our outside stakeholders and their investments in our future,” said TJ Kennedy, CEO of Qumu. “One of Qumu’s primary objectives with this policy is to set a great example for other organizations when it comes to remote work, and this move will allow us to do that.”

“Qumu operates a business in the enterprise collaboration technology space, supporting organizations that believe remote work, travel minimization and virtualized events are both sustainable and the new normal,” noted Kennedy. “With this in mind, we believe it is important to be one of the first companies in our space to acknowledge this fundamental change in the workplace dynamic and leverage the technology we provide to make it happen.”

Qumu has gone into adaptable mutual workspace courses of action in London and Minneapolis, is finishing a game plan in Hyderabad, and is keeping up its California office. As a feature of its full office virtualization activity, Qumu is extending its broad home office program to advance the program's viability to assist Qumu's workers and worldwide client base. The organization will furnish full-time representatives with a work at home payment and will actualize neighborhood group meetups and get-togethers when allowed dependent on nearby general wellbeing contemplations. To improve cooperation and permit distant groups to share constant advancement on significant ventures, Qumu is executing new criticism and perceivability instruments.

Qumu leadership also believes a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy will make a positive impact on its recruiting efforts. “Full office virtualization makes Qumu a great option for an entire world of job seekers,” noted Jason Karp, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Counsel. “Offering flexible working arrangements is a significant differentiator when competing for high-end talent, and we’re excited about the possibilities on the recruiting front.”

About Qumu Corporation

Qumu (Nasdaq: QUMU) is a leading provider of best-in-class tools to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of live and on-demand video for the enterprise. Backed by the most trusted and experienced team in the industry, the Qumu Cloud platform enables global organizations to drive employee engagement, increase access to video, and modernize the workplace by providing a more efficient and effective way to share knowledge.


Software-based video solutions are driving growth and innovation in the television and video industries. This white paper details how software-defined video solutions that integrate encoding, multiplexing and system management can enable operators to implement flexible and scalable unified infrastructure that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen linear video delivery.

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DeHorizon IGO to launch DeVerse Unique Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT Marketplace

DeHorizon IGO | December 23, 2021

With the festive atmosphere around Christmas, DeHorizon is going to launch its IGO (Initial Game Offering) collection on Binance NFT Marketplace. The event revolves around DeVerse Unique Mystery Boxes, awarding players with exclusive in-game NFTs. DeVerse is a team battle game in DeHorizon metaverse prepared to launch on Q1, 2022. EVM-based DeHorizon is a metaverse game ecosystem, where three different style games DeVerse, DeTournament and DeQuidditch are under development. The long-term vision is to create an entertaining and gainful metaverse filled with player-created projects that have embraced GameFi, SocialFi, NFT mechanics. Launching the DeHorizon IGO is a significant step towards that goal since the governance token DEVT (Decentralized Eternal Virtual Traveller) has launched. DeVerse is a specific team battle game that takes place within the broader DeHorizon metaverse. Combined with two other games DeTournament and DeQuidditch created by the developers, this offering will create the pioneering foundation for the future of DeHorizon that includes player-created games. The official website discusses how the play-to-earn mechanics focus on rewarding players for winning battles and a variable reward based on how many rivals were defeated. What Will User Get in the DeHorizon IGO? DeHorizon IGO will be launched on Binance NFT Marketplace on Dec 23 2021, 11:00 AM UTC. The Mystery Boxes will contain random in-game NFTs. The NFTs come in different rarity levels: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare),SSR (Super Super Rare). Getting a Mystery Box means user will have the opportunity to get the internal testing ticket, hero NFTs (known as Numen) or in-game buff items. Each NFT is priced at 199 BUSD. In order to battle other players and start earning, Deverse requires player to have a Numen NFT as well as an in-game ticket. Each Numen has its own characteristics and advantage in the game. There are 5,380 mystery boxes prepared for sale, including 162 mystery boxes reserved for Binance community. Every user can only buy one. Here is the list of the NFTs that can be found in the Mystery Boxes. Internal testing ticket (80): The ticket includes the privilege to try the game in advance, 1 Fiery Feast, 1 Spirit Burning Necklace, 1 (Sweetie Pie*5) and the whitelist for DeVerse in-game currency (DVT) airdrop. Before the game is officially launched, users who get the internal testing ticket can try the game in advance. Ranger (400): A slayer in a battlefield. Specialties: slay, soft control. Alchemist (400): A survivor-type battlemage. Specialties: reduce speed, reduce damage. Warrior (400): A guardian in a battlefield. Specialists: control, reflect damage. Rogue (400): A dasher in a battlefield. Specialists: dash, immune. Adventurer (400): A carry in a battlefield. Specialists: area damage, burst damage. Fiery Feast (400): After using it, all attributes of a Numen will be increased. Spirit Burning Necklace (1000): After using it, a Numen is able to be resurrected immediately. Sweetie pie*5 (1900): After eating it, a Numen's HP can be restored partly. In addition to the NFTs, players can purchase DEVT, which is the governance token of the DeHorizon metaverse. The token is already listed on multiple exchanges such as OKEx, ByBit, Gate_IO and KikitradeHQ. What is DeHorizon? DeHorizon is an ambitious EVM chains based project with its sights set on becoming a next-generation metaverse game ecosystem. A prime focus of the project is allowing interoperability between EVM-compatible chains. The metaverse will be built in two notable versions, 1.0 and 2.0. Version 1.0 is currently being developed and will focus on three games with GameFi and entertaining mechanics. This incarnation of the metaverse will create the foundation and build the community to support Version 2.0. About Binance NFT Marketplace Binance NFT, the official NFT marketplace of Binance, offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans around the world with the best liquidity and minimal fees. Consisting of three product lines: Premium Events, Mystery Box and a Marketplace. Now, Binance aims to build the first and largest GameFi NFT trading platform for gaming projects via IGO (Initial Game Offering) - featuring core in-game assets from top gaming projects.

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Music and Entertainment Data/Analytics Company P-MRC Data Changes Name to Luminate, Reflecting Its Role In Entertainment's Data Economy

Luminate | March 17, 2022

the company formerly known as P-MRC Data, whose brands have been synonymous with signaling music trends as well as accurate and transparent entertainment industry data for decades, is now called Luminate. The entertainment industry can still expect the same objective, robust dataset comprising music sales, consumption, and consumer engagement, as well as extensive production metadata on the TV and film industry, as before. Going forward, Luminate will continue to create or incorporate even more fully validated data sources, enabling customers with a wider range of tools that support their most crucial decisions. Luminate, which powers Billboard's industry definitive music charts, counts virtually every top-tier entertainment company as a client. "We re-conceived this brand as the industry's central and most trusted source for all of entertainment's verified strategic and operational data. The name represents our mission to bring clarity and insight to a complex and evolving industry, Over the past few months, we have begun to incorporate our tent-pole products, MRC Data and Variety Business Intelligence, into the most comprehensive entertainment analytics offering, which will eventually span across all major media categories, while comprehensively managing the rights of our ecosystem data partners and contributors." -Rob Jonas, CEO of Luminate. Luminate recently launched Global Hits, which tracks top performing songs across forty-eight countries and offers comparison and analysis across regions. The company is also scheduled to release a unified, cross-industry analytics platform later this year. Though the music industry has been dependent on the Billboard charts since the late fifties, the recent advancements in technology and data science have ushered a new data-driven era for all of entertainment. Luminate sits at the center of this new data-centric ecosystem. About Luminate Luminate is the preeminent entertainment data and insights company, unlocking access to the most essential, objective, and trustworthy data compiled from thousands of verified data sources. With more than 30 years of history, this new company not only powers the Billboard Charts, but also informs the entire entertainment industry. Luminate brings together MRC Data, Variety Business Intelligence, Music Connect, BDS Radio and SoundScan to create the most comprehensive source of independent, objective, and foundational entertainment data. The company operates independently and is owned through a joint venture between Penske Media Corporation and MRC. For more information visit:

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Mythical Games Announces Partnership with Leading South Korean Gaming Publisher Kakao Games as Part of APAC Expansion

Mythical Games | June 20, 2022

Next-generation blockchain gaming studio Mythical Games has announced a partnership with Kakao Games, South Korea’s leading publisher of online and mobile games. Moving forward, Mythical will integrate and support the BORANETWORK – an affiliate of Kakao Games and its proprietary blockchain and layer 2 ecosystem – as both entities continue their expansion in Asia.Mythical Games’ Web3 ecosystem allows players, creators, and artists to enjoy a frictionless gaming experience through ownership of a digital game collection. Earlier this month, Mythical announced a first-of-its kind partnership with the NFL to release the league’s first blockchain-based game. Its flagship game, Blankos Block Party, recently partnered with fashion brand Burberry and electronic music artist Deadmau5. In addition to the integration, Mythical will be joining BORA’s node validator and governance committee, a major milestone for both parties as they continue to expand to global markets. "We are thrilled to be joining the BORA node validator and governance committee. We see BORA not only as a next-generation blockchain, but also as a leader in bringing entertainment to Web3 in Korea – giving them a unique edge that no other protocol has. With Mythical's expansion into Seoul earlier this year, we are keen to strategically align with leaders in the region.” -Rudy Koch, Co-Founder at Mythical Games BORANETWORK CBO Young-joon Lim said, We're thrilled to be working with Mythical Games and welcome their onboarding on BORA. Mythical Games is a pioneer and visionary in Web3 building 'play and own' game economies," and added, “We will explore cross-promotion opportunities and potential collaborations in order to create synergy between each platform. About Mythical Games Acknowledged by Forbes’ Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch in 2019 and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2021, Mythical is a next-generation games technology company creating a Web3 gaming ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology and playable NFTs for tools that enable players, creators, artists, brands, and game developers to become stakeholders and owners in new “play and own” game economies. Led by gaming industry veterans, the team specializes in building games around player-owned economies and has helped develop major franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Marvel Strike Force, and Skylanders. Mythical Platform protects gamers that may be new to blockchain through a custodial wallet for their digital items, while allowing advanced players the freedom to link their own wallets via bridges between the Mythical Chain and public mainnets. With its “gamers-first” focus, the Mythical Platform ensures players don’t need to dive into the intricacies of blockchain to enjoy ownership of their digital collections and have a great game experience. About Kakao Games Kakao Games is a leading publisher of online and mobile games. Founded in 2016, it is responsible for publishing a variety of games, including Krafton's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (available in Korea), Kong Studios' Guardian Tales (available in Korea, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania), XL Games’ Moonlight Sculptor (available in Korea, North America, Europe, and Taiwan), and its newest addition, Lion Heart Studio's ‘Odin: Valhalla Rising’ (available in Korea and Taiwan). Kakao Games is expanding its business to the blockchain market and Web3 gaming ecosystem. About METABORA METABORA is an affiliate of Kakao Games and the parent company of BORANETWORK focused on game development and blockchain-based gaming ecosystems. Its portfolio includes mobile games such as ‘Friends Popcorn,’ ‘Friends Town,’ and ‘Friends Shot’ based on Kakao Friends intellectual property (IP). METABORA is expanding its platform beyond traditional gaming to focus on the development of blockchain technology and the Metaverse.

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MEDIA AND BROADCASTING Launches New Gamification Features & Functionality

iMedia Brands, Inc. | April 29, 2022

iMedia Brands, Inc. (“iMedia”) (Nasdaq: IMBI, IMBIL) announces that its wholly owned business unit,, has launched two new gamification features, a state-of-the-art speech synthesis service that simplifies and improves the quality and efficiency of its customers phone ordering process during an auction, and a new promotional format called, Magic Deals, where customers can buy limited amounts of fix-priced products for a limited period on-air and online. “Emotionally engaging our customers with innovative gamification features and functionality, whether that is on the television, phone or online, is our top priority, We love being one of the first TV Retailers offering such customer innovations and it’s great to see already that our customers are enjoying our efforts.” -Jörg Simon, President of’s proprietary conversational interactive voice response system (CIVR) adds an additional entertainment and convenience factor to the the 6 million plus telephone calls processed annually. Its customers want fast processing, especially in highly dynamic auctions, in order to receive products at the desired price. In addition, voice recognition brings further advantages: with this innovation, is responding to the development that people are increasingly interacting with intelligent voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri and incorporating this type of communication into their everyday lives. About 123tv, acquired by iMedia in 2021, is a leading interactive media company disrupting Germany’s television retailing marketplace with its expertise in proprietary live and automated auctions that emotionally engages consumers with 123tv’s balanced merchandising mix of compelling products shipped directly to their homes. 123tv reaches consumers via its television network available in 40+ million German and Austrian television households 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and via its online, mobile and over-the-top (“OTT”) digital platforms. About iMedia Brands, Inc. iMedia Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMBI) is a leading interactive media company capitalizing on the convergence of entertainment, ecommerce, and advertising. The company owns a growing, global portfolio of entertainment, consumer brands and media commerce services businesses that cross promote and exchange data with each other to optimize their consumer engagement experiences and to position the company as the leading single-source partner to television advertisers and consumer brands seeking to entertain and transact with customers.

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Software-based video solutions are driving growth and innovation in the television and video industries. This white paper details how software-defined video solutions that integrate encoding, multiplexing and system management can enable operators to implement flexible and scalable unified infrastructure that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen linear video delivery.