EXEEST Introduces Premium 24/7 Global Virtual Entertainment Marketplace for the Discovery and Distribution of Film and Television Content

EXEEST | April 30, 2021

EXEEST announced today the launch of its 24/7 global entertainment marketplace for film and television content, a digital hub designed to connect buyers and sellers of premium video, promote deals, and streamline the acquisition process. The platform will launch with a large collection of ready-to-license premium content, including libraries from Caracol, Cinedigm, Complex Networks, Epic Pictures, Keshet, Propagate, Telemundo, and others.

Exeest's data-driven technology reimagines and modernizes the search, discovery, and distribution of television and film content for buyers, providing instant access to selected content from across the world via a next-generation interface similar to major streaming platforms. The platform provides a frictionless delivery mechanism for retailers by offering a complete asset management solution for agents, dealers, copyright holders, and producers to manage their catalogs, and it helps to solve the multi-territory distribution problem - all content is ready to be licensed.

Exeest's best-in-class user experience platform includes a centralized digital hub that provides buyers and sellers with a central location to manage and distribute content, from browsing libraries to making deals.

Key features for sellers include:

• Next level screening technology: Through secure links, sellers can provide premium quality screeners, create private screening rooms for multiple titles and users, and activate content on the marketplace - which allows buyers to access and discover catalogs 24/7.

• Deep buyer analytics: sellers receive detailed screener analytics packed with buyer engagement including real-time notifications for page visits, content views, percentage of the content watched, and more

• Studio-level encryption security: ensuring content is always protected with watermarking, DRM, and two-factor authentication

• Selective uploads: the ability to upload only selected content on the digital marketplace to be exposed to buyers.

• Curated content: ensures sellers' content maintains premium impression.
Buyers 24/7 Global Marketplace features:

• A free streaming platform for buyers: browse Exeest's global library and view content immediately, review detailed descriptions

• Comprehensive search tools: sort and filter titles to meet buyers content acquisition strategy; by genre, windows, rights, territories, and more

• A.I. powered recommendation engine: Exeest learns buyers' preferences to provide insights and title recommendations specific to their needs.

• Personalized watchlists, reminders, notes: never miss a content acquisition opportunity

• Ability to make an offer: either directly through the platform or to communicate directly with sellers; Easy content processing and delivery through Exeest's partners.

• Curated partnerships: ensure the highest quality connections and content available on the platform.


From discovery to delivery, EXEEST improves the premium content distribution experience. EXEEST is currently accepting buyers and sellers from all over the world and providing them with access to a library of ready-to-buy or licensed material. With a modern interface that matches major streaming platforms, discovering entertainment has never been easier. The headquarters of EXEEST are in New York, Los Angeles, and Rome, Italy.


Wide penetration of smart devices, omnipresent connectivity, and the advent of media over-the-top (OTT) players are significantly impacting the media industry. There has been a major shift in video consumption from linear TV to non-linear streaming services offered by OTT players like Netflix and Hulu. To retain their customer base, traditional media companies are fiercely competing with OTT players to create superior, original content.The media industry isn’t the only one feeling the impact of OTT competition; players in the telecom industry are also significantly impacted by OTT disruption. Over the last few years, telco OTT players have acquired a significant share of voice and messaging revenue traditionally held by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs).

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Gabb Wireless™ Announces Gabb Music™ - A New Streaming Service Built Specifically for Kids

Gabb Wireless | June 01, 2022

Gabb Wireless, the leading company in providing safe tech for kids, is launching Gabb Music, a new music streaming service believed to be the largest, clean music library curated specifically for kids. Gabb Music includes songs by popular artists from nearly every era and genre - without any swearing, innuendo or drug references. To help kids best enjoy Gabb Music, the company is also launching a suite of new hardware including the world’s safest cell phone for kids Gabb Phone Plus from Samsung, as well as wireless earbuds and speakers Gabb Buds and Gabb Blast. As the latest expansion of Gabb’s many upcoming safe tech solutions, Gabb Music will help families turn up their summer with peace of mind and lots of fun.Gabb Music While most current music streaming services are built for adults first, with kids as an afterthought, Gabb Music was created to prioritize kid safety from the start. Using Gabb’s advanced AI filtration system and by partnering with some of the world’s largest record labels, Gabb Music offers a curated library of songs that kids, teens and parents can enjoy together as a family. Packed with hits from all genres, including pop, hip-hop, country and rock and roll, Gabb Music provides a path to music exploration for kids, without bleeped out explicit lyrics. Gabb developed a first-of-its-kind process to scan millions of songs using industry-leading tools - including Tuned Global’s music catalog delivery service coupled with LyricFind’s data analysis solution, LyricIQ - alongside Gabb’s proprietary technology and human review to create the world’s safest music catalog for kids and teens. This leads to a library full of hits, new releases and classics free of graphic lyrics and inappropriate subject matters. Over one hundred mixes have been curated from a catalog of millions of songs, with new music and themed mixes to be added each week. “Music is the number one requested item from our Gabb kids and parents. Instead of settling for another music service, we built our own filtration system and experience. This will allow kids and teens to listen to many of the hits without the explicits, We built safe tech from the ground up, and now we’re doing it with music.” -Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless Gabb Music is launching exclusively as a radio-style streaming service - making it easier for younger kids who simply want to pick a music mix like they would pick a radio station. The app is powered by Tuned Global’s leading music streaming technology as a white-label solution. Gabb Music will be rolling out exclusively on the Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus, with a free 30-day trial for new and existing customers. Once the trial expires, a Gabb Music subscription will be $4.99/month. Gabb Music will become available to all existing Gabb Phone customers over the next few weeks. Gabb Phone Plus The new Gabb Phone Plus, the premium safe phone for kids, combines the safety Gabb is known for, with the superior quality Samsung delivers. Gabb Phone Plus is made with high-grade materials - featuring a durable all-metal build, long-lasting battery life and 5.83” edge-to-edge display for high performance and reliability - and provides kids with access to Gabb Music. Gabb Phone Plus will include more apps to help kids get the most out of their phone, while still preventing access to the internet, social media and games. The device will soon have an ever-growing list of safe, curated apps, including those for education, finance, spirituality and team sports. Alongside these new apps, Gabb is also launching Gabb Messenger, a new SMS/MMS messaging app that protects Gabb users as they connect with their families and growing social world. Gabb Messenger comes pre-installed on Gabb Phone Plus and handles SMS/MMS messaging, group chats and provides comprehensive filtration, preventing explicit messages from being delivered. Gabb’s proprietary algorithm pre-emptively filters out offensive images, language, and spam. Gabb Phone Plus is available now, exclusively at, for $199.99, including Unlimited Talk & Text plans with no contract starting at $29.99/month. Gabb Buds Gabb Buds are low-profile earbuds designed specifically for kids. They feature a streamlined, compact design with three earpieces to fit any size ear, a portable charging case, six to eight hours of listening and they are sweat and water-resistant. Gabb Buds also easily pair with Gabb Phone Plus, Gabb Phone and other wireless devices, and can seamlessly switch from listening to music to joining a phone call. Gabb Buds are available now in black and white for $49.99, exclusively at Gabb Blast Speaker Kids can take their music anywhere with the Gabb Blast Speaker. Whether it's in rain, dust or snow, the Blast delivers impressive 360-degree audio and hands-free versatility in a conveniently portable package. Blast works seamlessly with Gabb phones, via Bluetooth, as well as other wireless devices, so kids can rock out to their favorite hits from Gabb Music for up to 12 hours of play time. To double the jam session, kids can connect two Gabb Blast Speakers together for True Wireless Stereo sound. Gabb Blast is available now in black, gray, and Gabb blue for $49.99, exclusively at About Gabb Wireless Founded in 2018, Gabb Wireless is a rapidly growing cellular network company that provides safe technology solutions for kids. With a mission to solve the growing screen-time addiction among youth, Gabb creates the safest technology for kids. For each step of kids' development, Gabb offers products that keep families connected, give kids freedom, and provide parents peace of mind. Learn more at

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COMCAST | March 07, 2022

Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable that provides media and entertainment technology to content providers, operators, and advertisers, announced a new strategic alliance with Ideal Systems, a leading systems integrator for broadcast and media systems throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Under the new agreement, Ideal Systems will serve as a strategic reseller of Comcast Technology Solutions' CTSuite portfolio of products and services. Specifically, Ideal Systems will offer companies throughout APAC with access to Comcast Technology Solutions' Cloud TV Suite, Direct-to-Consumer Suite, Live Linear Suite, and VideoAI. Ideal Systems currently provides a range of media technology services, including consultation, design, installation, integration, as well as operational and maintenance support of state-of-the-art technology infrastructure across the APAC region. Ideal Systems has 12 offices across 8 countries, and services the broadcast video, cloud video, and audio visual (AV) markets with deployments across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other markets. "While Comcast Technology Solutions provides a technology stack to manage premium video services worldwide, this new relationship with Ideal Systems should significantly extend our capabilities to better serve clients in the Asia Pacific region, Ideal Systems has a proven record of serving broadcasters and video providers throughout APAC, and together we look forward to helping customers automate, secure, monetize, and scale their video businesses." -Bart Spriester, Vice President and General Manager of the Content and Streaming Providers Suite for Comcast Technology Solutions Comcast Technology Solutions is renowned globally for powering video entertainment services for leading broadcasters, programmers, service providers, and brands," said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO at Ideal Systems SEA. "As such, we are very proud to offer Comcast Technology Solutions' industry-leading portfolio of solutions to help customers both simplify and scale their video efforts across APAC. Companies today want more efficient and flexible ways to deliver multi-screen, cloud-based video to viewers, and this new strategic relationship with Comcast Technology Solutions is aimed at meeting this growing demand. APAC-based companies interested in learning more should contact General information about Comcast Technology Solutions can be found at More details about Ideal Systems can be found at About Ideal Systems With 12 offices across Asia, Ideal Systems is the region's largest broadcast and media systems integrator. Ideal is a multinational organization providing innovative Broadcast, Cloud, AV and NDI® solutions and consultancy to sectors including broadcasting, media, house of worship, corporate and government. Ideal Systems provide services that range from systems and business consultancy, cloud integration and systems design, systems deployment and support, building of media facilities to live broadcast services. Web: About Comcast Technology Solutions Comcast Technology Solutions offers a portfolio of technology solutions, the CTSuite, that provides the industry with the technology, scale and expertise to expand and navigate the rapidly-changing media and entertainment technology landscape. We invent technology that solves industry challenges, reimagines what is possible, and transforms businesses for an ever-changing world. Built on Comcast's know-how, proven facilities, scalable platforms, and infrastructure, Comcast Technology Solutions offers more than 20 years of reliable real-world broadcast and digital experience. We partner with customers to redefine expectations and deliver the future to global audiences. For more information, visit

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New Report from Comcast Advertising Finds Optimal Balance for TV and Streaming Advertising, Including Significant Portion Dedicated to Streaming

Comcast Advertising released a new, cross-industry | June 13, 2022

Comcast Advertising released a new, cross-industry report titled “The Comcast Advertising Report 2022: Actionable Insights for the Modern TV Advertiser.” Relying on proprietary data, the report provides a unique view into the current landscape from the perspective of viewers, buyers and then sellers – culminating in a specific and fact-based recommendation for the optimal balance of TV and streaming advertising.Comcast Advertising, the advertising division of Comcast Cable, is comprised of Effectv, its advertising sales division, and FreeWheel, its media and technology arm. Both parts of the business contributed to the extensive findings in the report, providing a broad perspective for readers. “The TV advertising landscape is incredibly complex now, and there are more players in the space than ever, While most reports focus on a single view of this complexity, Comcast Advertising is in a unique position to see it from all angles – how viewers are viewing, buyers are buying, and sellers are selling. With this perspective, we are able to truly see what works and what doesn’t in today’s landscape, and provide fact-based insights and predictions about how advertisers can optimize their spend.” -Marcien Jenckes, Managing Director, Comcast Advertising. Below are some of the key findings included in the report’s inaugural edition: Viewers prefer live content on both TV and streaming. In fact, 89% of traditional TV viewing is spent watching live TV and 54% of digital video viewing is live Viewers are exposed to more digital ads than ever before, as ad views on digital services increased by 45% from 2H20 to 2H21 Audience targeted campaigns have increased by over 50% year-over-year, as advertisers turn to audience targeting to reach viewers, at scale, across viewing platforms Programmatic ad views have grown 80% year over year, as advertisers see programmatic buying as a way to reach specific audiences more efficiently. There was also an increase in programmatic campaigns bought on a guaranteed basis. As sellers move to programmatic models, they are working with an average of 13 different programmatic partners – and up to 30 in total Following its focus on the latest trends for viewers, buyers and sellers, the report delves into an actionable “formula for success” for modern advertisers. Based on a study of more than 20,000 campaigns, Comcast Advertising recommends that advertisers allocate 20-30% of their TV budget towards streaming advertising, and the rest to traditional TV. “For years, advertisers have been asking us how to best balance investments across traditional TV and streaming platforms in order to enhance campaign performance, Advertisers shouldn’t be making a guess or ‘going with their gut’ on this; rather, they should focus on the data. By looking at tens of thousands of campaigns across verticals and across budget amounts, the data is quite clear – TV should still act as the foundation for most advertisers, but reach is highest when 20-30% of the budget is allocated to streaming.” -James Rooke, General Manager, Effectv. The report concludes with a look at predictions for the years ahead. Included among these predictions is what’s next for streaming, the importance of first-party data, the shift to audience-based buying, the scaling of addressable advertising and the growth of programmatic. “This has been an incredible year for TV advertising’s progress and innovation, and this is clearly evident in the discussions we’ve having every day,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel. “From addressable, to programmatic, to first-party data – the opportunities are there for advertisers to do more with their budgets and connect better with sellers. It’s critical for them to look at the industry from all sides to understand where the opportunities lie, and this report can help them do that.” Click here to view the full report. About Comcast Advertising Comcast Advertising is the advertising division of Comcast Cable. As a global leader in media, technology and advertising, Comcast Advertising fosters powerful connections between brands and their audiences as well as among publishers, distributors, MVPDs, agencies and other industry players. Effectv, its advertising sales division, helps local, regional and national advertisers connect with their audiences on every screen by using advanced data to drive targeting and measurement of their campaigns. FreeWheel, its media and technology arm, provides the technology, data enablement and convergent marketplaces required to ensure buyers and sellers can transact across all screens, across all data types and all sales channels, in order to ensure the ultimate goal – results for marketers. Comcast Cable, along with NBCUniversal and Sky, is part of the Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA). Visit to learn more

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Globe backs KROMA, new Filipino 'Tradigital' entertainment for global audiences

KROMA | April 11, 2022

Leading Philippine digital solutions platform Globe Telecom is investing into the creative economy, backing a new "TraDigital" company to promote Filipino talent in the global arena. The new company, KROMA Entertainment, launched on April 6 and introduced a suite of brands that cover the entertainment spectrum, from film production and music to events and talent management.KROMA, backed by the 917Ventures Retirement Fund, promises to revolutionize Philippine entertainment just as the world comes out of a pandemic that severely affected the creative industries. It brings together passionate content and experienced creators, the best talent, and innovative technology to produce fresh and engaging entertainment for the Filipino audience. It offers entertainment for all across screens and formats, be it high-quality films, series, TV shows, music, digital content, or events. The company is a culmination of Globe's years of groundwork in the entertainment space to enhance inclusivity, fairness and equality in this particular sector. "We are excited to share KROMA and its treasure trove of creative and innovative content, featuring the country's best creators, and talents. We are determined to forge a new path for the entertainment industry," -Ian Monsod, CEO of Kroma Entertainment, Inc. Our vision is to become the leading TraDigital entertainment player in the Philippines in line with our goal of entertainment for all, he said. KROMA's launch marks the Globe Group's full-scale investment into entertainment, an expansion of its earlier venture into the industry with what was then called Globe Entertainment (GENT). KROMA's brands offer a new entertainment experience, envisioning a more engaging and exciting form of digital entertainment for its clients and audiences. LIVE MNL, a rebrand of Globe Live, still works on events and activations on ground, online and in hybrid. They are keeping the same standards that have made them a keepsake in the industry after successfully bringing to life events such as It's A Girl Thing, ETO NA! Musikal nAPO! and the first-ever Korean virtual fan meet back in 2020. Likewise rebranded, Globe Studios has spun off its businesses: ANIMA continues to produce award-winning and critically-acclaimed films, series and podcasts, while SECRET MENU, a full-service production house, creates branded content and television commercials. KROMA likewise takes charge of music label PARADISE RISING, in partnership with international label 88Rising, to champion Filipino talent on the global stage. KROMA's video-on-demand platform UPSTREAM has been home to the latest films, including Hollywood blockbusters, series and events for Filipinos everywhere. NYMA focuses on pushing talent growth across the company's network of partners and clients. PIE, a partnership with leading Philippine broadcast company ABS-CBN and BEAM digital television network and supported by 917Ventures, is a multi-platform, real-time, interactive entertainment channel. It provides memorable and rewarding experiences, prizes and connections for and with Filipinos. Rounding up the KROMA roster are Wonder, a pop culture and style platform, and FreebieMNL, the destination for the latest news and deals on food and lifestyle. Globe's foray into the field of entertainment seeks to strengthen the Filipino entertainment industry and provide opportunities for more talents to express themselves in the creative field. This expansion is part of its commitment to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which underscores the role of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

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Wide penetration of smart devices, omnipresent connectivity, and the advent of media over-the-top (OTT) players are significantly impacting the media industry. There has been a major shift in video consumption from linear TV to non-linear streaming services offered by OTT players like Netflix and Hulu. To retain their customer base, traditional media companies are fiercely competing with OTT players to create superior, original content.The media industry isn’t the only one feeling the impact of OTT competition; players in the telecom industry are also significantly impacted by OTT disruption. Over the last few years, telco OTT players have acquired a significant share of voice and messaging revenue traditionally held by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs).