Netflix Now Streaming on Android Mobile with Fraunhofer's xHE-AAC Audio

businesswire | January 12, 2021

Fraunhofer IIS, essential designer of the xHE-AAC sound codec, today reported that Netflix is currently utilizing the xHE-AAC sound codec. Netflix has authorized Fraunhofer's top notch xHE-AAC programming and is utilizing it to encode its whole inventory of TV arrangement, narratives and highlight films across an assortment of sorts and dialects.

One of the critical highlights of xHE-AAC for Netflix is the compulsory MPEG-D uproar and dynamic reach control metadata. It permits specialist co-ops to install substance and endpoint-explicit metadata in the sound piece stream for transmission which would then be able to be utilized on the playback side to accomplish a reliable uproar level and ideal powerful reach for any playback gadget and climate. In a lounge room climate, a film can be appreciated with the full unique reach, how the blend was expected. A similar film on a cell phone in an uproarious climate may call for clamor the board to be appreciated with comprehensible exchange. With MPEG-D metadata, a solitary stream addresses the issues of both of these utilization cases - and everything in the middle.

Also of interest is xHE-AAC’s improved coding efficiency at low bit rates, its ability to scale up to perceptually-lossless quality at high bit rates, and the built-in seamless bit rate switching. This enables Netflix to always stream with an audio bit rate that matches the currently available Internet speed, achieving very high quality for high-bandwidth connections, and minimizing rebuffers during network congestion. “Our xHE-AAC audio codec has been designed from the ground up to improve the consumer experience for entertainment content especially in environments with limited Internet bandwidth,” said Bernhard Grill, Director of Fraunhofer IIS. “With Netflix as the leader in video streaming worldwide, we couldn’t have found a better launch partner for xHE-AAC in this market segment.”

About xHE-AAC

xHE-AAC is the latest member of the MPEG AAC audio codec family. Fraunhofer played a substantial role in the development of xHE-AAC and the MPEG-D DRC standard. xHE-AAC is natively supported in the latest Apple, Android and Amazon operating systems and products, and Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC implementation has recently been licensed to Microsoft. Professional xHE-AAC encoder software is available directly from Fraunhofer IIS or its streaming equipment partners. xHE-AAC and MPEG-D DRC patents are included in the AAC patent licensing program administered by VIA Licensing at no additional cost.

About Fraunhofer IIS

For over 30 years, the institute’s Audio and Media Technologies division has been shaping the globally deployed standards and technologies in the fields of audio and moving picture production. Starting with the creation of mp3 and continuing with the co-development of AAC and the Digital Cinema Initiative test plan, almost all consumer electronic devices, computers and mobile phones are equipped with systems and technologies from Erlangen today. Meanwhile, a new generation of best-in-class media technologies – such as MPEG-H Audio, xHE-AAC, EVS, LC3/LC3plus, Symphoria, Sonamic and upHear – is elevating the user experience to new heights. Always taking into account the demands of the market, Fraunhofer IIS develops technology that makes memorable moments.


Convergence is all the rage again across entertainment and media (E&M), technology and telecommunications. The thick borders that once separated these industries – and sectors within them – are dissolving. Large access providers and platform companies are integrating vertically, while established giants are integrating horizontally. Companies that once offered only technology and distribution are moving into content. The distinctions between print and digital, video games and sports, wireless and fixed Internet access, pay-TV and over-thetop (OTT), social and traditional media are blurring. Although they all had different starting points, many companies in this converged entertainment ecosystem are now aiming at business models that revolve around direct-to-consumer relationships.

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Blackmagic Design Announces New Cintel Scanner Light Source

Blackmagic | April 25, 2022

Blackmagic Design announced a technology demonstration at NAB 2022 of a new high intensity light source for Cintel film scanners that lets customers get better quality from scanned film and much higher film scanning speeds.The new light source for Cintel Scanner will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2022 booth #N302. The new light source technology is much higher power than the light source used on the previous generation of Cintel film scanners. It consists of a square array of 576 high power LEDs arranged into a grid pattern, and then focused onto the film using a new light cylinder. This new design provides more than twice the silicon area for generating light and the result is much more light is directed at the film. The new light source technology allows much faster HDR film scanning. This is because the new light source is 6 times more powerful, and there are tens of kilowatts of power contained in the illumination flash when each frame of the film is scanned. Previously HDR film had to be scanned at a slower rate of 10 frames per second. Now the film can be scanned at 30 frames per second. That’s up to 3 times faster than before. There is also a new film inspection mode. This lets customers check the condition of the film, so they can see if there is any dust or scratches. The customers simply need to press and hold the stop button and the light source will be adjusted so the light is more single direction and then dust and scratches can be seen. On the current generation Cintel film scanners, the spherical light source can not change the direction of light as it is always diffused. The light source can be fully controlled in software, which means the customer gets better control and can check the film before scanning. "We are excited to discuss this new technology with film customers at the NAB 2022 show, We plan on using this technology on a new model of Cintel film scanner and we are excited get customer feedback before committing to the new model’s release!" -Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. ABOUT BLACKMAGIC DESIGN Blackmagic Design creates the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and real time film scanners for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in quality and affordability in post production, while the company’s Emmy™ award winning DaVinci color correction products have dominated the television and film industry since 1984. Blackmagic Design continues ground breaking innovations including 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI products and stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD workflows. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and Australia. For more information, please go to

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Globe backs KROMA, new Filipino 'Tradigital' entertainment for global audiences

KROMA | April 11, 2022

Leading Philippine digital solutions platform Globe Telecom is investing into the creative economy, backing a new "TraDigital" company to promote Filipino talent in the global arena. The new company, KROMA Entertainment, launched on April 6 and introduced a suite of brands that cover the entertainment spectrum, from film production and music to events and talent management.KROMA, backed by the 917Ventures Retirement Fund, promises to revolutionize Philippine entertainment just as the world comes out of a pandemic that severely affected the creative industries. It brings together passionate content and experienced creators, the best talent, and innovative technology to produce fresh and engaging entertainment for the Filipino audience. It offers entertainment for all across screens and formats, be it high-quality films, series, TV shows, music, digital content, or events. The company is a culmination of Globe's years of groundwork in the entertainment space to enhance inclusivity, fairness and equality in this particular sector. "We are excited to share KROMA and its treasure trove of creative and innovative content, featuring the country's best creators, and talents. We are determined to forge a new path for the entertainment industry," -Ian Monsod, CEO of Kroma Entertainment, Inc. Our vision is to become the leading TraDigital entertainment player in the Philippines in line with our goal of entertainment for all, he said. KROMA's launch marks the Globe Group's full-scale investment into entertainment, an expansion of its earlier venture into the industry with what was then called Globe Entertainment (GENT). KROMA's brands offer a new entertainment experience, envisioning a more engaging and exciting form of digital entertainment for its clients and audiences. LIVE MNL, a rebrand of Globe Live, still works on events and activations on ground, online and in hybrid. They are keeping the same standards that have made them a keepsake in the industry after successfully bringing to life events such as It's A Girl Thing, ETO NA! Musikal nAPO! and the first-ever Korean virtual fan meet back in 2020. Likewise rebranded, Globe Studios has spun off its businesses: ANIMA continues to produce award-winning and critically-acclaimed films, series and podcasts, while SECRET MENU, a full-service production house, creates branded content and television commercials. KROMA likewise takes charge of music label PARADISE RISING, in partnership with international label 88Rising, to champion Filipino talent on the global stage. KROMA's video-on-demand platform UPSTREAM has been home to the latest films, including Hollywood blockbusters, series and events for Filipinos everywhere. NYMA focuses on pushing talent growth across the company's network of partners and clients. PIE, a partnership with leading Philippine broadcast company ABS-CBN and BEAM digital television network and supported by 917Ventures, is a multi-platform, real-time, interactive entertainment channel. It provides memorable and rewarding experiences, prizes and connections for and with Filipinos. Rounding up the KROMA roster are Wonder, a pop culture and style platform, and FreebieMNL, the destination for the latest news and deals on food and lifestyle. Globe's foray into the field of entertainment seeks to strengthen the Filipino entertainment industry and provide opportunities for more talents to express themselves in the creative field. This expansion is part of its commitment to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which underscores the role of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

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AirConsole and Ludium Lab make cloud gaming more accessible

AirConsole | May 02, 2022

With the global cloud-gaming market expected to reach 349.4 million users by 2025, it is no surprise that cloud-gaming companies are finding innovative ideas to grow within the industry. Ludium Lab and AirConsole are partnering up to increase the accessibility of cloud gaming to a more casual audience of gamers on Smart TVs, TV set top boxes and the web.Sora Stream by Ludium Lab is a cloud-gaming platform that allows users to play casual and hardcore games on TV, web, tablet and smartphones. Through the partnership with AirConsole, Sora Stream users are now seamlessly enabled to mimic traditional console gaming by using their smartphone as a controller. The AirConsole games are built from the ground up with the idea to use smartphones as gamepads. AirConsole's innovative technology offers a stepping stone for users that want to subscribe to a cloud gaming platform while not even owning a game controller. With AirConsole games, Ludium can provide their best in class cloud technology and won't have to ship gamepads to their users for them to start their gaming experience. "We are excited about this new partnership with Ludium and their platform Sora Stream as it will allow our game catalog to be played by new audiences on new devices that were previously too weak to run our games," responsible for the development of new strategic partnerships at the Swiss gaming company. "Not only this agreement will excite end users but also strategic partners in the telecom, Tv hardware space, and other cloud gaming companies as we are increasing the accessibility of cloud gaming by allowing users that don't own gamepads to play on their TVs." -Anthony Cliquot, AirConsole's Chief Operating Officer This integration is perfectly timed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to Ludium Lab & AirConsole users, enhanced by next-generation devices. AirConsole will bring a rich catalog of over 100 games to the Sora Stream platform, with countless competitive and collaborative local multiplayer games to challenge their friends or family in the living room. The AirConsole experience is already available on the web, Huawei TV, Amazon FireTV, Android TV and selected TV operators worldwide. "For Ludium it is a clear opportunity of offering a new different approach in cloud gaming. We are very proud of this agreement with such an amazing company as AirConsole. They complement our existing offer with a more solid proposal that will be perfect for all kinds of users, especially families and casual gamers that want to play to enjoy, without any restriction of devices or hardware," -David Pavón, Global Sales and Content Director at Ludium Lab. About AirConsole AirConsole is a fast growing Start-Up based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by Ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur Andrin von Rechenberg, the company quickly rose to fame by overcoming the previously unsolved challenge of latency when playing games using smartphones as controllers. More than 10,000 developers globally have co-created over 190+ games that have been published on AirConsole, which in return have been consumed by more than 13 million players from 200+ countries. To date, AirConsole's team has raised 7.4 million USD.Instantly accessible on About Ludium Lab Ludium Lab is a Barcelona-based technology startup that emerged from a spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2012. In this spin-off, a group of researchers began developing a new cloud streaming technology. The team has been working for more than a decade on perfecting interactive streaming to achieve the highest quality, low-cost deployment. Ludium Lab provides services to other companies (B2B), and Sora Stream is its first product designed for consumers.

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Pocketful of Quarters Officially Launches with First and Only Compliant and Interoperable Video Game Currency for the Metaverse | February 22, 2022

Leading blockchain gaming project, Pocketful of Quarters (POQ), officially launched today following two years in stealth mode, and announced a strategic partnership with Klaytn, Kakao's global public blockchain project. POQ will be a part of Klaytn's $500M Growth Fund, which will accelerate the adoption of its universal gaming token, Quarters, and the Klaytn platform. Quarters is the first and only compliant and interoperable game token on the blockchain and is accessible across more than 100 games and platforms. This partnership will enable a connected metaverse, empower players to move seamlessly between virtual worlds, all while providing a new digital currency that unleashes gameplay. Players want the metaverse to be fun, safe and interoperable, but today's video games are fragmented, with millions of incompatible virtual currencies and experiences, Our partnership with Klaytn will help accelerate our ambitious plans to create the interoperable game token for the metaverse." Michael Weiksner, co-founder and CEO of POQ. Klatyn, backed by Kakao, is the largest public blockchain that is dedicated to working with the best gaming publishers in Asia and around the world, bringing fast, affordable and high throughput transactions. As Klaytn's first acceleration partner in the United States, POQ will help support adoption with grants for developers and other owners of video games through Klaytn's $500M Growth Fund. Our video game partners tell us that they want a blockchain toolkit that is compliant and makes sense to implement, With its historic SEC no action letter and simple API, POQ is our integration partner to bring video games and the metaverse to the Klaytn blockchain." David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klatyn. Quarters is a game-agnostic, digital utility token designed for the sole purpose of gameplay that empowers players with the freedom and agility to move from one game to another. The cross-platform currency also offers greater flexibility to developers over how they build, distribute, monetize and cross-market games, ultimately empowering them to create rich, new multiplayer experiences without losing creative and economic control to publishers. Additionally, POQ offers Q2 tokens, unique governance and burn tokens that allow investors to participate in revenue through the sale of Quarters. Q2 tokens give players, influencers, developers and investors the ability to help govern the new Quarters multiverse. About Pocketful of Quarters Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) is taking back video games for players with its Quarters, a game and platform agnostic digital currency that enables players to seamlessly move tokens and assets between games and utilize them across hundreds of gaming titles and genres. Quarters is the first-ever token to receive an SEC no-action letter for a blockchain token, making them both safe and compliant. Additionally, with POQ's patented Zero-click transfer technology, players can earn and spend blockchain and crypto tokens just by taking actions within games. Backed by an all-star team of advisors like Michelle Phan (Co-Founder of Ipsy) and Chris Cross (Formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, EA, and DreamWorks Interactive), Pocketful of Quarters aims to empower players with choice and transform the way they play with a universal currency across all games.

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Convergence is all the rage again across entertainment and media (E&M), technology and telecommunications. The thick borders that once separated these industries – and sectors within them – are dissolving. Large access providers and platform companies are integrating vertically, while established giants are integrating horizontally. Companies that once offered only technology and distribution are moving into content. The distinctions between print and digital, video games and sports, wireless and fixed Internet access, pay-TV and over-thetop (OTT), social and traditional media are blurring. Although they all had different starting points, many companies in this converged entertainment ecosystem are now aiming at business models that revolve around direct-to-consumer relationships.